The Lights Off

Martin Creed is faithful to the tradition of Melbourne Dada inaugurated by me over half a century ago. His latest work will surely be acclaimed as his masterpiece and art lovers will probably stampede to acquire it. The question on everyone’s lips will be “what next?” Perhaps a similar exhibit in a locked gallery or even in some other space not advertised to the public so that art lovers will be obliged to imagine not merely Mr Creed’s latest concept but its very location, if anywhere. Thus the artist will achieve complete detachment not only from his creation but from his audience. Mr Creed may indeed choose to repudiate authorship of the work and pursue a profession so far removed from the world of art (such as tram driving) that the art loving public may begin to feel they imagined he was an artist, thus imparting a mythical quality to his seminal creation “The Lights Off”.

© Barry Humphries 2005